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I love connecting with lifelong learners. I do this through teaching online and intensive courses, along with supervising research projects and substantial papers. 


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Aging and the Law

University of Arizona

James E. Rogers College of Law

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Telehealth Law and Policy

University of Arizona

James E. Rogers College of Law

Student Feedback

"I enjoyed the knowledge and vast resources provided in the course.

Professor Sklar's enthusiasm on the course topic was obvious and kept me engaged. This was by far the best course I've taken so far in my graduate program as far as teaching. I've never gotten my assignments back so quickly, nor with such constructive feedback. It's been amazing and I wish I could take more from this professor!" - for Aging and the Law

​"Thank you for always being such a great example of a professor that "I" would like to be someday!  All of the kindness and encouragement you've shown me, as well as the other learners I'm sure, is very much appreciated.

I've learned so much from how you interact with me and the other learners.  I can only "hope" I remember how to frame suggestions and give encouragement like you do.  - for Telehealth Law & Policy 

"Professor Sklar was extremely enthusiastic on the subject of Elder Law. This class was truly amazing. Professor Sklar was always incredibly kind, insightful, and never made me feel silly. In fact, she was always encouraging and provided great feedback at all times. She is the gold-standard." - for Aging and the Law

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