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My areas of research focus on aging, virtual care, and privacy, and are published in peer-review journal articles, law reviews, and book chapters. 

Featured Publications

Telehealth for an Aging Population: How Can Law Influence Adoption Among Providers, Payors, and Patients?

46 Am. J.L. & Med. 311, (2020)

Digital Health Privacy in Active Aging Settings: Will the Law Let You Age Well?

18 J. Active Aging, 7, (2019)


Addressing State-Based Barriers to Decentralized Clinical Trials, 7 J. OF CLINICAL & TRANSLATIONAL SCI. 162 (2023).

Achieving Digital Health Equity by Personalizing the Patient Experience, 4 TELEMEDICINE REPORTS 1 (2023).

The Return of Typhoid Mary? Immigrant Workers in Nursing Homes, 1 J. ELDER POL’Y 3 (2021).

Telehealth for an Aging Population: How Can Law Influence Adoption Among Providers, Payors, and Patients?,
46 AM. J. L. & MED. 311 (2020).

The Research Exemption Carve Out: Understanding Research Participants Rights Under GDPR and U.S. Data Privacy Laws, 60 JURIMETRICS 1 (2020).

Vulnerability to Legal Misconduct: A Profile of Problem Lawyers in Victoria, Australia, 27 INT’L J. LEGAL PROFESSION 3 (2020).

Affordability Boards: The States’ New Fix for Drug
Pricing, 381 NEW ENGL. J. MED. 1301 (2019).

Characteristics of Lawyers who are Subj
ect to Complaints and Misconduct Findings, 17 J. EMPIRICAL LEGAL STUD. 2 (2019).


Immigrant Workers’ Voices as Catalysts for Reform in the Long Term Care Industry, 55 ARIZ. ST. L. J. 3 (forthcoming 2023).

Research Participants’ Rights
to Data Protection in the Era of Open Science, 69 DEPAUL L. REV. 2 (2020).

Digital Health Privacy a
nd Age: Quality and Safety Improvement in LongTerm Care, 17 IND. HEALTH L. REV. 85 (2020).

Digital Health Privacy in Active
 Aging Settings: Will the Law Let You Age Well?, 18 J. ACTIVE AGING 7 (2019).

Elderly Gun Ownership and the Wave of State Red Flag Laws: An Unintended Consequence That Could Help Many, 27 ELDER L.J. 1 (2019).

Preparing to Age in Place: The Role of Med
icaid Waivers in Elder Abuse Prevention, 28 ANNALS HEALTH L. & LIFE SCI. 2 (2019).


Digitally Enabled Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services, in DIGITAL HEALTH CARE OUTSIDE OF TRADITIONAL CLINICAL SETTINGS, I. Glenn Cohen, Daniel B Kramer, Julia Adler-Milstein, & Carmel Shachar, eds., Cambridge University Press (forthcoming 2024).

Equity is Inextricably Linked to Healthcare, in THE JURISPRUDENTIAL LEGACY OF JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG, Ann Bartow & Ryan Vacca, eds., NYU Press (2023).

Workforce Development for an Aging Population, in HEALTHY AGING THROUGH THE SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH, Aaron Guest & Elaine Jurkowski, eds., American Public Health Association Press (2021).

Implementation and Enforcement of Quality and Safety in Long-Term Care, in COVID-19 POLICY PLAYBOOK: LEGAL RECOMMENDATIONS FOR A SAFER, MORE EQUITABLE FUTURE, Scott Burris, et al., eds., Boston: Public Health Law Watch (2020-2021).

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