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Professor, Advisor, and Researcher
Health Innovation
Law & Policy 


About Me

Hi, I'm Tara Sklar

I am an academic and subject matter expert in health information technology, including telehealth and data privacy, and more broadly in health care regulatory compliance. A lot of my work focuses on how older adults can best access emerging models of virtual care taking into account reimbursement, state licensure issues, and digital health equity.  

I very much enjoy collaborating with healthcare organizations, long-term care facilities, law firms, government agencies, foundations, and digital health startups on a variety of regulatory and policy issues at the federal and state levels

Let me know if my legal scholarship and related work is of interest to you. I am currently focused on a forthcoming book entitled, “Telehealth Law & Policy in a Nutshell,” which is under contract with West Academic Publishing. 

I hope to connect and hear about your interest in these areas and current projects. Feel free to reach out about potential opportunities to collaborate. 

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